OUC is always looking for people with special skills and interests to take on portfolios. Some of the available Portfolios/Committees are:

Events Coordinator    | OUC Visibility | Scuba Community Directory
Shipwrecks Directory | Insurance       | Assistant Webmaster

These portfolios are normally a taken on by those who have a desire to help but don’t necessarily wish to serve on the board. For some it is a way to get involved while learning as a progression to a position on the board. Much of the accomplishments at this level can be very visible and extremely rewarding. It is a great way to meet lots of new people and sometimes develop new skills, and is a great way to network inside and outside the diving community. This also looks great on a resume and many skills translate well into business.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The role of the Special Portfolio holder is always varied and will be based on the needs of the area you are working. For many, the portfolio is what you make of it. When you see something that can be improved, you can take the initiative, find or develop a solution and implement it. You can also build a team and make it go. You will receive the appreciation and respect of your peers. You CAN make a difference!!

Preferred Skills:

  1. Should have a desire to give something back to the sport of scuba at a higher level
  2. Should be computer-literate.