Why the OUC Insurance Policy?

The Ontario Underwater Council offers a comprehensive liability insurance policy to it’s member clubs.

Most Scuba Clubs in Ontario require proof of Liability Insurance Coverage for their day-to-day operations.

If your Club is like most, these operations include renting swimming pools, instructing students, hosting experience/discover scuba events, and running dive trips.

In the event that these operations result in property damage, injury, or death, then your Club’s Liability Insurance Policy is there to protect you, your Club, your Executive, your Instructors, your Dive Masters, and your Members from the risk of expensive liability litigation.

Every year Ontario Underwater Council uses the collective buying power of its Member Scuba Clubs to negotiate the best Liability Insurance Coverage for the best value for its members. “Best value” means savings to Member Clubs in the range of 50% compared to commercially-available coverage on the street.

As a result of this constant yearly improvement, OUC’s policy is now rated #1 by the majority of Ontario Scuba Club Presidents.

What the Policy Covers

What the Policy Does Not Cover

Our insurer has placed the following restrictions on the policy:

    • This policy currently covers Recreational Scuba only. If you require a policy definition of Recreational Scuba, please refer to the Glossary of Terms in the OUC “Club Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Document”. If your club is interested in the OUC obtaining a quotation for Technical Scuba coverage, please have an authorized member of your club’s executive contact the OUC’s Insurance Coordinator.
    • Only Supervised Diving Activities are covered by this Policy. Solo Diving is covered under circumstances as described in the Risk Management Document and the Insurance Summary.
    • This policy will only cover one (1) sanctioned event per year where alcohol is served. If an Insured OUC Member Club wishes to have alcohol at other events, the club must submit the event to the OUC with the details. The event will be submitted to the insurer and a quote will be provided for each event. The insurer (Pearson Dunn) will bill the club directly if both are in agreement.

Policy Requirements

These Requirements must be met in order for OUC Member Clubs and Club Members to be covered by this policy.

  1. All Member Clubs and all Club Members must be OUC members in good standing and enrolled in the policy.
  2. All persons taking scuba courses with an OUC insured member Club must be OUC insured members, with the exception of Discover Scuba / Experience Scuba participants.
  3. All activities must be sanctioned by the Member Club’s Executive and by OUC.
  4. All diving activities must be supervised. Participants must not dive solo unless certified to do so.
  5. All dives must be planned and conducted within generally accepted Recreational / Sport Scuba limits.
  6. Alcohol must not be consumed during any sanctioned activities, with the exception of one (1) sanctioned annual banquet / dance / awards night activity.

This policy has certain requirements which must be met in order for events to be covered. For more details on these requirements, please refer to the 2021 Insurance Policy Document (May 31) and the Communicable Disease Exclusion.