OUC Member Clubs: Please use this online form to notify us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your Club-Sanctioned activities. Requests for certificates with additional named insureds require FIVE business days advance notice.

The event submitted is sanctioned in accordance with the following Sanctioning Process.

Effective January 1, 2021 the OUC Commercial General Insurance Policy issued by GameDay Insurance (Aviva Insurance Company of Canada) with Policy Number GAME00402-010 (the “Policy”) was amended to exclude coverage for Communicable Diseases (e.g. COVID-19). This policy change is consistent with other insurers and has required some changes to our sanctioning process.

Therefore, as a result of this Communicable Disease exclusion the following will be required for an activity to be sanctioned:

  • An activity will no longer be sanctioned by “Default”; OUC will respond to each sanctioning request by return email(s);
  • All requests for sanctioning of an Activity must be submitted 48 hours in advance, must include the names of everyone participating in the Activity; and
    everyone participating must have signed the Release;
  • Member Clubs must use this Online Sanctioning Form to submit their sanctioning requests.
  • All OUC members and Guests will be required to submit a Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement (the “Release”) on
    an annual basis and prior to a request for an activity to be sanctioned;
  • Members are strongly encouraged to save their Release Confirmation emails in the event they need to produce them at a later time. If a Member loses their
    Release Confirmation email, they can simply complete another release, preferably online.
  • For the few Members who do not have email addresses or online devices, they can fill out and sign a paper copy, and the Coordinator of the Activity will have to take pictures of the paper copy and email them to admin@underwatercouncil.com for exceptional treatment.
  • OUC will conduct the following review of the submission:
    • OUC administration will confirm the list of participants and cross-check that a Release is on file for all participants;
    • OUC Safety will review for completeness and adherence to OUC guidelines as outlined in the Policy and Club Insurance Requirements & Risk Management Document (as revised May 26, 2021);
    • OUC will advise the Member Club that the submission is confirmed or provide details of any deficiencies.

Any changes or updates to an Activity that has been previously sanctioned will require that these changes or updates be communicated to OUC prior to the event. No diver (e.g. Guest Diver) shall be included in a previously sanctioned Activity without a Release registered with OUC.

OUC proposes to review this Sanctioning process again with Member Clubs on August 12th , 2021.

    OUC will e-mail the certificate of insurance with the additional named insured/s to all e-mail addresses identified above with 5 business days of submission.