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Deep River, ON

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The Deep River Underwater Club was formed in 1957 with an initial membership of 15.
The Club functioned initially with a few personal dive sets that were shared among the membership.
Local dive expeditions were held on lakes and rivers in the area, with experienced divers sharing their knowledge and experience with new membership.

Scuba diving is a sport that carries risks that require careful management.
Effective management of these risks, and safety in general, are of paramount importance in the operation of the DRUC.

All of the DRUC dive events are carried out under the guidance of a “dive coordinator”, who fulfills a leadership-type role in the execution of the dive.
While this person does not provide (direct or implied) dive supervision, the dive coordinator guides the participants into a safe dive by working through a
“dive coordinator checklist” that reminds divers of key components of preparing for a safe dive.

The basic concept in our Events Program is to offer at least one “organized dive” each month and the occasional “evening dive” at our favourite local dive site.
Our more experienced divers are also involved in exploring lakes and river in the area in search of interesting sites.
We are also active (in a gradual sense) in dive “projects” that intended to make a positive contribution to the environment and diving in general.