The goals of this OUC page and the “Club Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Document”are to:

  1. define the Requirements for Club Diving Activities that have been discussed and communicated to our insurers. Agreement by our insurers makes this document a binding interpretation of the Policy.
  2. provide strong recommendations for mitigating risk.

There are 3 components to the “Club Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Document”.

  1. Insurers Requirements
  2. OUC Implementation / Administration / Safety Requirements
  3. OUC Recommendations for Risk Mitigation

The “Club Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Document” is a living document. We ask our member clubs to review the document with regard to future safety revisions. OUC will consider additional safety requirements as submitted by clubs. In order to implement new, or modify OUC based safety requirements, a 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the membership would be required. This could be done at an AGM or a special meeting.

Member clubs are encouraged to submit new recommendations or revisions to existing recommendations to OUC at any time.

If safety is compromised, our ability to secure affordable insurance will be at risk and the potential for government intervention will increase. OUC negotiates an insurance policy annually with its insurance provider on behalf its member Scuba Clubs. Our ability to secure favorable coverages and rates is based upon the risk associated with our activities, our past claims history and our approach to Risk Management.

OUC is the de-facto Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for scuba diving in Ontario, and while it is not a regulatory or policing body, it is OUC’s mandate to make safe diving recommendations to members and to the diving community in general.

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is the process of identifying and analyzing the risk factors involved in our activity. It is the proactive steps that we take to mitigate those risks and to ensure avoidable accidents are being prevented.

All of us are responsible for managing risk within and outside the OUC. The board, all clubs, individual members and even volunteers have an important role in ensuring we perform diving, training and non-diving activities in a proactive manner. We must always ensure that safety is top of mind.

What does this mean to me as an OUC Member Club?

Member Clubs are asked to review and understand the OUC Insurance Requirements and Risk Management Document. You are asked to abide by the protocols in order to ensure all members are able to enjoy their diving experience in a safe manner. Working together we can all make a difference.


Certain personal risks are inherent in most sports, and the sport of scuba diving is no exception.

Breathing compressed air involves certain inherent risks; including but not limited to decompression sickness, embolism, and other hyperbaric/air expansion injuries that may require treatment in a recompression chamber.

Furthermore, open water diving trips may be conducted at sites that are remote, either by time, distance, or both, from such recompression chambers.

Neither the Ontario Underwater Council, its member clubs, nor its members including but not limited to employees, offices and directors, agents, contractors, or assigns, volunteers, participants including other divers, instructors and trainers may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death or damages sustained as a result of members or non-members taking these risks.