Board of Directors

Ronald J. Bogart

Ron was first certified as a scuba diver in 1980. In recent years in addition to diving at many Ontario dive locations, Ron has travelled to dive sites in Mexico, the Caribbean, South Pacific, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Galapagos and the Maldives. He is past president of the Scarborough Underwater Club Inc. (SUCI), having stepped down on December 31, 2018 after 7 years as President.

I love to travel and in addition to diving enjoy, golfing, cycling and photography.


Heison Chak
Director, Safety

Heison Chak has been diving since 2002 and is passionate about scuba diving. His exposure to Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) led him further his dive experience and eventually found his calling and became the first Toronto based GUE Instructor. Heison is committed to bringing safety to OUC through education. Heison enjoys diving the Great Lakes and caves in Florida when he is not traveling around teaching for GUE.


Ted Endean
Director, Membership

Since he first got certified at the age of 15 Ted has been diving all over the world including: Europe, the Caribbean & Asia – but it’s the freshwater shipwrecks, especially those in Tobermory, Kingston & Brockville – that are his favourite dive destinations. Being a member of Board of Directors for the Ontario Underwater Council Ted hopes to help build the sport of diving by supporting divers, clubs and the dive industry. Ted is a PADI MSDT (instructor) and holds technical certifications from GUE, TDI & IANTD. He is a member of the Ontario Underwater Explorers club, has an MBA from Ivey & is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.


David W. Taylor
Director, Finance

David discovered scuba diving in St. Maarten in February of 2000 and has since done over 1,400 dives, half warm and half not very warm.He is a PADI Rescue Diver, a member of Niagara Divers Association, Treasurer and Director of Save Ontario Shipwrecks and a member of SOS Hamilton.He is also a Tutor for the Nautical Archaeology Society courses that are being run by SOS.Outside of diving, Dr. Taylor is Professor Emeritus with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at McMaster University in Hamilton.


Director, Communications


If you are interested in giving back something to our sport, contact


Portfolio Holders

Peter White
OUC Liaison, Fathom Five / OUC Advisory Board
Peter served the Ontario Underwater Council as President for 2 terms from 1986 through 1989.He has for the last number of years served as the OUC’s liaison to Fathom Five.The OUC is the only outside organization to hold a full position on the Fathom Five board.In 1991 Peter was awarded the prestigious LCDR Ken Grant Memorial Trophy for Exceptional Service to the Ontario Underwater Council.Contact email:*

Raimund Krob
Past President, Advisor
Raimund has been a certified diver for almost 30 years and is currently a teaching status PADI Instructor.Raimund held the position of OUC President from 2005 thru 2011 where he implemented a 5 year plan to refresh and strengthen the OUC. Prior to that, he held the position of OUC Director of Sport Safety, and prior to that, OUC Regional Coordinator Ontario Central.In 2011 Raimund was awarded the prestigious LCDR Ken Grant Memorial Trophy for Exceptional Service to the Ontario Underwater Council.A former President (2001-2005) of Scarborough Underwater Club Inc. (S.U.C.I.), Raimund is currently learning the ups and downs of underwater videography.Contact email:*

Stephen Weir
Coordinator, Incident Reports
Stephen has been writing for Diver Magazine for 30 years. He also writes for the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star and handles PR tasks for Caribana and other cultural events.Stephen has assisted the OUC many times over the years. He used to handle the publicity for Underwater Canada.Stephen has been collecting fatality reports for over a decade and, for his own personal study, has been working on a Google map, placing all of the dive deaths of 2010 on a map with information on the age, level of training, type of diving, etc for each victim.Stephen feels strongly that it helps divers to know why people die diving and that it is important to separate diving deaths from deaths while diving.As well it is vital, that agencies such as the OUC can use this data when making health and safety recommendations to the government, training agencies and clubs.Contact email:*

Ayisha Hassanali

Incident Reports

Ayisha has been diving since 2002 and is a PADI Master SCUBA Diver and a Global Underwater Explorers Fundamentals Diver. She enjoys exploring shipwrecks, walls and drift dives around Ontario, as well as travelling to exotic places. Some of her favourite dives have been around Turneffe atoll in Belize; Jardines de la Reina, Cuba; Bora Bora, French Polynesia; and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Ayisha has always had a keen interest in examining diving incidents to learn from them in hopes of preventing similar incidents in the future. She is a firm believer in skills development and personal growth as a diver in order to get the most out of diving and to keep oneself as safe as possible.

Marianne Collins
Coordinator, Insurance
Marianne has been diving since 1981 and has been a member of the Etobicoke Underwater Club since 1983, serving on the Club Executive in various portfolios over the years.A biological illustrator by trade, some of her favourite subjects are those of the undersea world.Marianne uses her scuba skills in the service of the science, making fish models for museum exhibits, illustrating undersea murals and Fish Field Guides for the ROM.For OUC, Marianne has volunteered thousands of hours for the Council over 25 years. She served on the Underwater Canada planning committee and was the last recipient of the Rolex Volunteer of the Year Award.Marianne was also awarded OUC’s Distinguished Service Award.Marianne has held various portfolios including: Coordinator – Insurance, General Editor – Ontario Diver newsletter, Coordinator – Scuba Community Directory, graphics designer.In 2011 Marianne was awarded the prestigious LCDR Ken Grant Memorial Trophy for Exceptional Service to the Ontario Underwater Council.She has lent her artistic skills to the design of many OUC brochures, t-shirts, Treasure Hunt and Ice Floe Race crests and is the creator of the current OUC logo.Contact email:*