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This dropdown allows you to pick the various calendars displayed.

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The OUC Club Combined Events calendar.

Clubs who wish to open their events to other OUC clubs are invited to add their Google calendar to this one. This implementation is to allow member clubs to share training and charters, and was based on feedback from the 2011 AGM and subsequent meetings.

Please send an invitation to join your Google Calendar to webmaster<"@">underwatercouncil.com. Please add contact info to your events for divers wishing to join you.

OUC Insurance and Club Events

The OUC's Insurance policy allows OUC Insured Member Clubs to share events with othe OUC Insured Member Clubs with no additional requirements.

As the OUC also has un-Insured Member Clubs, it is important to differentiate between the two types.

OUC Insured Member Clubs can allow non-insured divers to join their charters / events in either of the following 2 ways:
  • Join the OUC as an Insured Member using the Guest Diver Program (see Guest Diver Program under Club Membership)
  • Allow the diver to sign a waiver or liability release stating the understanding that the Club is not responsible for the diver. (download an OUC waiver and/or liability release below)
An uninsured OUC member joining your event would sign the Guest Diver Program, but would only be required to pay the insurance portion.

Solo divers are not covered under the insurance policy, regardless of certification level. Solo divers must sign the waiver (liability release) and are not to dive with the club on it's sanctioned event. If a club member wishes to buddy with a diver who has signed a waiver, that club member must also sign the waiver or liability release and would not be covered by the policy.

If you have divers who have signed the waiver and/or liability release and are NOT part of the sanctioned event, you should notify the club's event divemaster(s), the charter operation and the captain of the charter, that the divers under waiver are not being accounted for by the club. In the case of a boat, the divers under waiver or liability release should be considered walk-ons and are the responsibility of the captain.

Click here to download the OUC Liability Release pdf file.
Click here to download the OUC Waiver of Insurance pdf file.

If an OUC Member Club chooses to use an agreement other than these, then the other agreement must explicitly state that the Ontario Underwater Council, its member clubs, its members including but not limited to officers and directors, agents, contractors, employees, or assigns, volunteers, participants including other divers, instructors, divemasters, and rescue divers are included in "Released Parties".

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