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Ice Floe Race 2011 Wrap

Please click on the image above to see the 2011 Ice Floe Race planning page.

Summary | Results | Blackbeards Winner | 2011 Charity | Links, Pics, Media Clips


From a Safety perspective (our #1 priority):
  • Our safety equipment was not delivered so we contacted EMS and asked them to be on stand-by for us
  • One racer got cold and had to be evacuated via Safety Boat to the Finish Line (helping us test our EAP).
From a Race perspective, Etobicoke Underwater Club took back first place from Colt Creek with a time of 1:00:37, one of the longest times on record I believe.

From a give-back-to-the-community perspective, we collected 14 large bags of donations for our designated benefitting organization, Crossroads Women's Shelter

From a happy winner perspective, Gillian Harding one of SUCI's "Menacing Mermaids" won the one-week Blackbeard's live-aboard dive charter in the Bahamas


Congratulations to the Winners of the 2011 Ice Floe Race!!!
Etobicoke Underwater Club - Slush Puppies - "101 Dalmations"

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Winner of the Blackbeards Cruise

This year, Blackbeard’s Cruises will be sponsoring the Ice Floe Races! They’re offering a full week liveaboard adventure for some lucky person (value $899 US) to be raffled off after the race is over.

This years winner is Gillian Harding, one of SUCI's "Menacing Mermaids"

How all of us helped!!


turning point Logo Every year, we encourage OUC Ice Floe Racers to help support a local charity. This year’s charity is the YWCA Peterborough Crossroads Women's Shelter.

We're invited everyone attending the Ice Floe Race to bring a donation of new toiletries, new or gently used clothing to help out a great cause.

A word from Penny Kemp, Special Events Coordinator, YWCA Peterborough, Victoria, & Haliburton, Crossroads Womens' Shelter:

Hi Terry... The amount of donations you all collected was amazing and there are some wonderful items that the women will love. I have attached a copy of the photo I took for you and Raymond sent me one with the Ice Floe Race banner and the donations, which was great!

Thank you again so much for your support!


More links, pics, and videos

Click on the Links below to see some of our media coverage and video clips

Go with the Floe - Peterborough Examiner Online

Ice floe racers brave the cold - By DALE CLIFFORD Examiner

YouTube Video - posted by Todd Pope of EUC.

Ice Floe Race - Snap Peterborough

Annual Otonabee Ice Floe Race set for March 6 - Lakefield Herald

Call for volunteers to be part of the OUC Ice Floe Race 2012 Planning Team:

If you want to volunteer to help plan the Ice Floe Race 2012, please e-mail ouc.icefloerace<"@">underwatercouncil.com and ouc.president<"@">underwatercouncil.com

What would you like to see us do to improve OUC's Ice Floe Race 2012?

If you have ideas, suggestions, requests, etc. that you think will improve Ice Floe Race 2012, please e-mail them to us at ouc.icefloerace<"@">underwatercouncil.com and ouc.president<"@">underwatercouncil.com

Planned date for OUC Ice Floe Race 2012 (the 49th annual Ice Floe Race, by the way): Sunday, March, 11th, 2012, see you all there!

ice  n. 1. Water frozen solid. 2. A surface, layer, or mass of frozen water. floe  n. 1. An ice floe. 2. A segment that has separated from such an ice mass. race n. pl. races  1. Sports. a. A competition of speed, as in running or riding. b. A series of such competitions held at a specified time on a regular course: a fan of the ice floe race. An extended competition in which participants struggle like runners to be the winner: the ice floe race.



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