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The Ontario Underwater Council has three awards which are presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations are called for from the membership and the final decision made at the Board level. The awards are given according to the criteria and may not be presented each year.

If the membership has a nomination for submission they are asked to submit using the forms in the AGM package or by contacting the OUC office.

To see the Award Winners please click on the award titles below.


  • L.CDR. Ken Grant Memorial TrophyLCDR Ken Grant Trophy

  • The L.CDR. Ken Grant Memorial Trophy is awarded for exceptional service to the Ontario Underwater Council by an Individual, non-salaried, O.U.C. member.

    LCDR. Ken Grant was a member of the Camp Borden Club, The Aquateers of Canada and a founding member of the Ontario Underwater Council.

    LCDR Ken Grant was the first elected president of the OUC in 1958.


  • "TINMAN" Award

  • The "TINMAN" Award, in memory of Al McIlmoyle, was originally sponsored by The Scuba Club of Toronto for a diving club, organization or individual for excellence in volunteer service to the non-diving community in Ontario. This award is continued through sponsorship of the OUC.

    Al McIlmoyle was a dedicated volunteer with OUC's Underwater Canada.


  • Distinguished Service Award

  • The "Distinguished Service Award", to be maintained at the highest calibre, is for an individual, group or organization who has performed an exceptional service to the sport of scuba diving


  • Executive Director's Trophy

  • The "Executive Director's Trophy" was awarded for ????? at a time when the OUC was government funded and run by the Executive Director.


To see the requirements and benefits for these awards please click on the links to the right.


Award Winners


L.CDR. Ken Grant Memorial Trophy
YEAR Awarded To Club / Affiliation
2011Marianne CollinsEUC, OUC Coordinator-Insurance/Scuba Community Directories, Newsletter Editor
2011Raimund Krob SUCI, OUC Past President
2008David Noble OUC Director - Sport Safety
2005Mike Briggs OUC Past President, OUC Board of Advisors
2004Beth Cornwell OUC Past President, OUC Board of Advisors
1998Lise Kinahan OUC
1994Mike Collins Etobicoke, Underwater Canada
1992Tom Horn Canadian Sport Divers, OUC Past President, OUC Board of Advisors
1991Peter White OUC Past President, OUC Special Advisor to Fathom Five, OUC Board of Advisors
1988Nancy Parton Etobicoke, OUC
1988Jim Parton Etobicoke, OUC
1987Jeanette ShannonAqua-Systems Scuba, OUC
1987Todd Shannon Aqua-Systems Scuba, OUC
1986Garth Kandt OUC
1985Susan Munro OUC
1984Don Macintyre Etobicoke
1983Brian Beatson Seneca College(SCUBA)
1982Stu Salter OUC
1981Ron Lindsay OUC
1980John McBride OUC
1979Fred Harley Devonian Divers, OUC
1978Wayne Crowley National Watersports, OUC

"TINMAN" Award
YEAR Awarded To Club / Affiliation
2011Dive 4 A Cause Committee Etobicoke Underwater Club
2007Michael Krznaric Etobicoke Underwater Club
2001Paul Davies
1998The Steel City Sport Divers
1996Garry Smith
1993PADI Canada

Distinguished Service Award
YEAR Awarded To Club / Affiliation
2010Adam Charlinski Ontario Underwater Explorers
2010Rohan Omrow Ontario Underwater Explorers
2008Art Penney Etobicoke Underwater Club
1998Marianne Collins Etobicoke Underwater Club
1998Diane Woods
1998Bill Hester Etobicoke Underwater Club
1998Ron MacDonald
1997Victor Dillabaugh
1997Amy Desjardins
1997Constable Ken Williams
1997Paul Fortin
1997Dr. Phil Hamilton
1996Jim Parton EUC, Stouffville
1994Paul Lapointe Phoenix Scuba Club
1994Dan Perry Ontario Underwater Explorers
1993Terry Moffat Tam Dive
1992Don Macintyre Etobicoke Underwater Club

Executive Director's Trophy
YEARIndividual / Club / Affiliation
1998Marian Pierce
1995Sylvia Snow / Pisces
1994Kim Barton / Steel City
1993Beth Cornwell / Toronto Superturtles
1992Toronto Superturtles
1987Etobicoke Underwater Club
1986Hamilton Sea Devils
1983Seaway Valley Divers
1982Trident Underwater Club
1981Scarborough Underwater Club

Rolex Award - Underwater Canada Volunteer of the Year
 Individual / Club / Affiliation
 Marianne Collins / Etobicoke
 Don Macintyre / Etobicoke
 Sue Monroe
 Lise Kinanhan
 Brian Brown / Pisces
 Brian Beatson / Seneca College
 Lynn Collins / Etobicoke
 Jim Parton / Etobicoke
 Nancy Parton /Etobicoke
 Tom Norton / Etobicoke
 Mark Robinson / Ajax
 Barry Adamson

Miscellaneous Awards
 Butch Hendrick Outstanding Recognition Award - Underwater Canada
 Jim Kozmik Canadian Diver Award - Underwater Canada
 David Cornwell Outstanding Acheivement Award

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