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OUC's Air Testing Program

Ontario Underwater Council closes its Canadian Air Purity Inspection Program (CAPIP)

Effective January 19, 2010, OUC's Board of Directors unanimously voted to close down the Canadian Air Purity Inspection Program (CAPIP)

Among the numerous reasons for our decision:

  • prohibitive one-time and recurring expense required to become and remain compliant with compressed breathing-air testing standards for "workers" vs. recreational divers
  • increasing ongoing operational costs associated with maintenance of highly sophisticated laboratory equipment, purchase of calibration gases and testing time and effort
  • the presence of numerous accredited, reputable compressed breathing-air testing laboratories (which did not exist when CAPIP first started four decades ago)

Before reaching this decision, the OUC Board of Directors explored numerous alternatives, including securing accredited laboratory validation, becoming an accredited laboratory ourselves and re-selling wholesale air testing services. None was found to be feasible or financially sustainable.

Although CAPIP is now closed, OUC reaffirms our continuing commitment to our many other programs of value to the sport, including:

  • OUC's 72-hour Ontario Scuba Incident Report program
  • OUC's Aviva Barth Memorial Program to educate boaters and divers on the meaning and use of the red-and-white "Scuba Diver Below" flag
  • OUC's Scuba Diver Safety Awareness programs
  • OUC's Liability Insurance Policy for Scuba Clubs program
  • OUCs Ontario Scuba Community Directory program, and
  • OUC's Shipwreck & Shore Dive Directory program, powered by Google EarthTM

Thank you very much for being our customer in the past. We apologize for any inconvenience that closing CAPIP may cause you.

On behalf of the OUC Board of Directors,
Raimund J.Krob
President, Ontario Underwater Council



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