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Mission: to promote the sport of scuba diving in Ontario through safety, advocacy,
cultural & environmental awareness
, self-governance.....and fun!

History of OUC

The Ontario Underwater Council was formed in 1958 at a meeting of concerned divers and clubs at C.F.B. Borden.

Eighteen clubs representing 300 divers met to evaluate and standardize training programs; to consider a unique diver's flag and to discuss legislation concerning spear fishing.

At this historic meeting the need for a Council bringing together divers and dive stores was identified and the Ontario Underwater Council was formed. For over 50 years now, the Ontario Underwater Council has been the voice of Ontario divers, acting as advocate and liaison between the industry and the various levels of government, especially the Provincial level.

At the same time, great effort was made with divers and the dive industry to self police the industry in order to achieve and maintain safe diving practices.

We are proud to say that, after all these years we are still holding true to the cause while bringing even more to our members. Just check out the Membership Services, Insurance Program and more that are listed on this site to see the effort and goals that the Ontario Underwater Council has in store.

We are still growing!


History Buffs Please Lend a Hand!

Part of the OUC website revamp includes updating the History of OUC section. Though the early years are covered off quite well, the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s are somewhat skeletal.

We would appreciate the contributions of the membership at large in putting some "meat" on those bones and sending in photos to put in the gallery (we can arrange to scan your photos and return them to you if you are not able to send them to us electronically).

Please send your contributions to ouc<"@">underwatercouncil.com*. We are hoping that your input will allow us to identify any remaining gaps, consolidate the input and update the website to reflect the history of OUC as accurately as possible.



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